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At this point, we have abundant stories of super flooded by the State, in particular super fruits berries. Virtually all white today, blueberries, raspberries, black currants, acai, raspberry and Berry Berry good Bay health. But few have heard of Berry maqui a super fruits on top of everything. I was recently in the South of Chile, the region of Patagonia, where he learned, Maqui Berry, indigenous Mapuche, to pick up berries and the beautiful region of Patagonia, which grows widely in the nature of Maqui. Maqui Berry (Aristotelia chilensis) is a bright purple Berry that grows wild in some parts of the South of the Chile. Maqui berry bushes are easy to recognize along roads and highways. They grow in the entire Hill, fields and along the edges of wooded areas. Laure is not grown in this time. There is only so far in nature, increasingly, UnnecessaryThe are those that are sold commercially, picks up the majority of the Mapuche Maqui Berry that are native to the Chile. Only the natives of America who have won step invading settlers are known as fierce warriors, the Mapuche. In the South of maqui berry juice whole foods the Chile, went on Maihue region ' (pron: my Hway), on pristine Lake slopes with the same name, where the native people to collect a Mapuche community of tens of thousands of tons of wild commercial sale of the Maqui Berry. I saw, ate, collected and learned about this remarkable Bay that made its way into the United States market. The Maqui Berry harvest of the Mapuche people in ever larger quantities, to the growing demand of this fruit nutritional and curative. During the harvest time proves to be violet collection animated Berry all the Mapuche itself community. One thing I've discovered is that the Maqui Berry has a delicious taste. I am sweet, full flavor and what you eat, as every day. But beyond the wonderful taste, Maqui provides real benefits. I turned to the research of Dr, more information about the health benefits of Maqui Juan Hancke, a doctor who has several years has devoted intensive research in this super Berry. Here is what is known so far: Maqui berries are rich in anthocyanins, which are very high purple antioxidant pigments. Maqui berries contain anthocyanins high called delphinidin, or even purple, grape Larkspur and Concordia. But Berry Maqui, these connections are abnormally high amounts. Delphinidin are strong anti-inflammatory activity, so help inflammation, to reduce the risk of a variety of degenerative diseases involving. These pigments inhibit the growth of colon cancer. Inflammation is almost all degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis. Any end to mites is an inflammatory disease. Anthocyanins are the strong anti-inflammatory action and are like drugs for the same purpose, without adverse effects. Berry helps the antioxidant compounds in the Maqui, to prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the blood. Oxidation of cholesterol is a factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and hardening of the arteries and heart. Regular it intake daily juice berries Berry and Maqui is a wise investment in better heart and cardiovascular health. Interestingly, the inclusion of Maqui or its juice berries causes a marked increase of insulin in the body. Maqui seems really better than any other plant known to do. What does mean? Berry Maqui or consume your juice with or after meals can help to sugar in the blood, causing energy capable of suppressing the formation of new fat cells and the night. Thus, Vincent Ménard be a useful weight control aid. Maqui also demonstrates antibacterial activity, suggesting that it can help prevent the disease germs through food poisoning. Drink native Mapuche food Maqui berries and their juices have been for centuries. And other non-native people to the Chile also made for a very long time. Maqui tower over most of their profits in an environment where literally flooded the Maret with so-called super fruit. Chris Kilham Fox News Jessica Maqui products at whole foods and other independent online retailers, find, how,. .